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tripleside's Journal

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Welcome to the Tripleside community! Here, we'll often post news and updates relating to the band. Also, this is an open-membership community, so anyone is free to join and post, as long as it's Tripleside-related. Thanks for adhering to this one guideline. If you're looking for a place to just post in general about the VT community, might I suggest the vtposse or va_tech communities? Check them out. Rock on, 3Siders!
a new song, all i wanna do, attitudes bar and cafe, besides, bite my lip, bitter, bitter (f. wiley), bitter!, blacksburg, closer to the shore, coming attractions, core!, deet's place, drew worden, eve of thunder, falter, february song, focus, foulweather friend, instrumental no. 1, instrumental no. 2, instrumental no. 3, ivory (angel song), jacob, jacob bock, kent, legitimate business, meant to be, mediocre times, misjudging the..., mtdttg, nevermind the unicorns, night, number 1 fan dan, ocean waves, pepsi, sandcastle, secrets (part 1), secrets (part 2), sweet, sweet memory, the core sessions, the message, through the seasons, tripleside, tripleside blues, triumphant return of spring, unicorn's run, victory of the dark, virginia tech, vt, wendy's nuggets, wings