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March 24th, 2005

valdyr @ 01:56 pm: Tripleside on Roanoke.com
The Roanoke Times did a short online story about the show tomorrow. Including some Tripleside songs, too. Check it out: Click Here

Don't forget to come out to the show tomorrow night! Lake Trout, SNMNMNM, Tripleside, Running With Scissors, and Alex Tschan. $12 at the door, but $10 if you hit up Drew. I'd imagine this show will be packed, so better get the tickets early!

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September 10th, 2004

valdyr @ 12:15 am: Mailing List - listed, but you know it
So most of you should have received an email within the last hour about the show tomorrow from the fabulous new tripleside gmail account. If not, well, now's the time to update that info...send in your addy to tripleside at gmail dot com to be kept up with the updates that get upped on dates...yeah.

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September 3rd, 2004

kle @ 01:19 am: Champs Open-Mic Night 2004-09-02
We played fairly well tonight, all things considered;

Our set consisted of:

The Message
Closer to the Shore
The Triumphant Return of Spring
Running Awake
Walking Through Fire

Jake's guitar broke again (something screwy with the electronics), and we couldn't fix it on-stage, so we had to pass my guitar back and forth, which went along pretty well, as only in the first two songs do we really need two guitars playing; Blessed and WTF, although better with two guitars, can still be done by either person alone. I personally screwed up a bunch on my backup vocals because I couldn't hear myself (the on-stage monitors were pointed up at the ceiling, rather than at us).

The three people not in our core-fanbase who sat up front generally enjoyed our antics, I think, and they even helped us with soundlevels.

Ah well; as Jake said, we're pretty used to things breaking on us, and we pretty smoothly played through them tonight. I think it was a pretty successful gig; sold a few CDs, got a few names on the mailing list.

As long as you stay up-beat about it and make a funny face when things break, you'll be OK.

Good night; thanks to everyone who made it out (we weren't expecting so many!); thanks Mike for caressing me and making me feel loved; thanks Jeff for introducing us; thanks to that frat-guy pissing in the electrical closet; thanks everyone, again.

August 30th, 2004

valdyr @ 10:01 pm: 09/02/04 - [open mic] - Champ's - 3S

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indiejake @ 12:19 am: Weekend Update
Biggest news:

TRIPLESIDE T-SHIRTS are in! We have a wide range of sizes; from Small to X-Large. $8. Contact Jacob.

Recording (daily updates - must be registered on forums):

-CTSa recorded and finished (sans tweaks)
-WTF updated and finished (sans tweaks)
-Friday started

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August 26th, 2004

valdyr @ 09:09 am: Hey, it's what I do best.
We should probably start organizing promo for the Sept 10th show sometime next week. I'd like to get some simple b&w full page flyers done and post them around campus and downtown around the 8th & 9th. Online promotion would be fabulous, too...any relevant message boards, communities, profiles, etc...start thinking about what you might be able to help with if you'd like!

I'll get the full details from Jacob and Kent this week. If anyone would be interested in helping me plaster Tech with flyers, email me: laura at d1music dot com. I can promise good times, sore feet, and possibly drunken shenanigans.

Word to your mother, fo shizzle.

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August 18th, 2004

indiejake @ 12:10 am: Tripleside: Year Three Plan
Kent and I spent a few good hours tonight talking about what's going to happen with Tripleside this year; and I thought I might as well spill the beans on what we decided on. There's a lot in this entry, so I'll summarize:

Table of Contents:
1. Plans for Fall Shows
2. Things You Can Buy
3. Recruiting New Members
4. The Status of the Professional Driver... album
5. The Good News
6. Where We're Headed
7. The Next Project
8. And In Conclusion

1. Plans for Fall Shows
As of right now, we're scheduled for two shows this fall at Attitudes: Friday September 10th with Jetnoise; and Tuesday October 26th with Jupiter Sunrise and Anything But Joey. We'll be opening both shows, of course; and don't worry, full details will be here when they're made.

2. Things You Can Buy
For the most part, we're not going to be pushing Nevermind the Unicorns or The Core Sessions as albums for sale. We've come to the decision that they're really not "up to par" with how we want to project ourselves on CD, which is really mostly due to the recording process we used. And chances are, if you wanted one of those CDs you already have one. To be honest, I'm not sure if we even have any stock of them anymore. Less Than Three was also a somewhat-failed project, due to our lack of promotion or pushing of it at our shows.
Tripleside t-shirts will hopefully be ready within the next few weeks, as I've struck a deal with the t-shirt man and he's going to work up some awesome products for us. They'll probably be priced at around $8, and will be available in a variety of sizes. Buttons, of course, are still two for a dollar, and I've got plenty left.

3. Recruiting New Members
This is the big thing that's been hampering us for the last two years, and we're going to do our damnedest to get it taken care of. We've decided what we need, finally, and we're going to put up fliers around campus to try to get it taken care of. We'll be looking, of course, for a dedicated drummer and bassist. The thing that made us really get serious about this is that we've decided where we want to go with Tripleside, and it's going to change a few things that we always thought would happen. Which brings me to my next point.

4. The Status of Professional Driver on a Closed Course
Well, it's been over a year now since we recorded this album, and I'm sure the big question on everyone's mind is "Where is it?" Well, to be honest, it's been collecting dust on various hard drives. And as it stands now, the direction we're taking Tripleside doesn't really mesh well with what we did on this album. So, Kent and I came to the decision tonight that our plan to release this as our second and flagship album has become something that neither of us are comfortable with. As a result, we won't be getting it professionally pressed, remastered, or any of those cool things. In effect, Driver is pretty much dead as a commercial album.

5. The Good News
But that doesn't mean we're scrapping it completely. In fact, Kent and I are going to do a few minor tweaks and then do something that seems so simple that it's a wonder we hadn't done it before - we're just releasing it as it is. Not commercially, not really... within the next month or so, we're just going to put the thing live on tripleside.net and allow you to download it free-of-charge. We'll probably also make up a few presentable copies that we'll distribute at shows as "demo" discs. So really, if you don't have it yet, you'll still be able to get ahold of it; just not as the finished product we visualized.

6. Where We're Headed
While talking tonight, Kent and I came to the decision that where Tripleside should go is really just an extension of how we perform live - acoustic, clean, and with limited effects or production. What we want to find are some bandmates that are interested in creating acoustic rock music, something that's just disappeared off the face of the earth recently. A number of our songs are suited better to an acoustic setting, and those that were more "hard" rock are just obstacles that we don't want to have to deal with right now. So Tripleside is shifting focus (ha) from that to this more acoustic-oriented project. And naturally from that, comes something new.

7. The Next Project
On Tuesday, October 26th, we're playing a very high-profile show with Jupiter Sunrise, and we want to have something to show for that. So what we're hoping to do by that show is have an EP of songs (some new, some recent, one or two old ones) recorded and produced with our new style in mind, and have this be the new official Tripleside album. In a way, it's like closing the door on our early work, but it's really just a development of what we had into what we feel it should be right now. We're not really sure what we're going to have on this album yet, but there will be songs revamped from their old versions as well as a few songs that we haven't done full-band yet. So, this gives us two months to record an album of about seven or eight songs in our new style, get it produced, and have it ready for you on October 26th. I think we're very much up to the challenge.

8. And In Conclusion
So Tripleside is coming back strong this fall, with a somewhat new/modified direction, and a serious plan of action. Professional Driver on a Closed Course may not see the light of day as we originally intended, but it'll still be out there eventually. Also this fall, we'll be releasing a new EP of well-recorded songs, hopefully by our show with Jupiter Sunrise on October 26th. We're playing two shows, the Oct. 26th one, and in a few weeks on September 10th. And Tripleside t-shirts are coming very, very soon!

So, that's all the news I have for you. Now, discuss, 3Siders!

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August 1st, 2004

indiejake @ 03:08 pm: Possible t-shirt design?

Version with more pixels: clicky

What do you think?

Also, hit up THIS THREAD and let me know what size you'd likely want; as everything I do will be pre-ordered.

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July 30th, 2004

indiejake @ 12:22 am: We have forums, come and post on them again!


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July 13th, 2004

indiejake @ 04:57 pm: playing with AOL translator (http://ssshotaru.homestead.com/files/aolertranslator.html)
the first verse of Bitter:

WH3N UR LAETST RIED W3NT.1!1111!!!!11!111!1!!!1 OMG WTF LOL BIT3R

hehe, I love that last line

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