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kle @ 01:19 am: Champs Open-Mic Night 2004-09-02
We played fairly well tonight, all things considered;

Our set consisted of:

The Message
Closer to the Shore
The Triumphant Return of Spring
Running Awake
Walking Through Fire

Jake's guitar broke again (something screwy with the electronics), and we couldn't fix it on-stage, so we had to pass my guitar back and forth, which went along pretty well, as only in the first two songs do we really need two guitars playing; Blessed and WTF, although better with two guitars, can still be done by either person alone. I personally screwed up a bunch on my backup vocals because I couldn't hear myself (the on-stage monitors were pointed up at the ceiling, rather than at us).

The three people not in our core-fanbase who sat up front generally enjoyed our antics, I think, and they even helped us with soundlevels.

Ah well; as Jake said, we're pretty used to things breaking on us, and we pretty smoothly played through them tonight. I think it was a pretty successful gig; sold a few CDs, got a few names on the mailing list.

As long as you stay up-beat about it and make a funny face when things break, you'll be OK.

Good night; thanks to everyone who made it out (we weren't expecting so many!); thanks Mike for caressing me and making me feel loved; thanks Jeff for introducing us; thanks to that frat-guy pissing in the electrical closet; thanks everyone, again.


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Date:September 3rd, 2004 08:25 am (UTC)
The show was really, really awesome...you guys totally had it together, despite the drunk frat boys and the technical malfunctions...it all sounded so good!

Most of the pictures came out really well...I'll have them posted online sometime soon!

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